Treasure Valley Commonwealth: Educating Families

A New Commonwealth School



Parent Growth:
Parents are a huge part of homeschooling, and every parent needs to feel supported. A huge part of the commonwealth is supporting the parents, studying and growing together as a community. Parent meetings, training, discussions, retreats, etc are part of the vision of building a community for the whole family.

Parent Involvement:
Parents are an essential part of a child's growth and development. Parents are also an essential part of a commonwealth.  As a commonwealth the work of inspiring children is shared in a method that is greater than what individual can do on their own. Each individual has hidden talents and knowledge that excites them. This is an opportunity to share your passions and interests with a community. There are many opportunities to teach classes to all ages of youth and children. Understanding the need to balance the classes we will work with you to find a class and level that you are motivated to teach.